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    Endeavour Magazine April 2022

    Entering a new tax year, into Q2 of 2022, time really does seem to fly since the Great Standstill began to ease. At Endeavour, we are back to our old tricks, speaking with many a company and association grounded in the energy sector, hearing intriguing and sometimes overlapping accounts of sustainable, green energy’s rising future, and yet also fossil fuel’s dogged persistence. Sometimes, both narratives are happening under the same roof, and it remains intriguing to watch it all play out.

    We also spoke with old friends at Amrut Distilleries, the first Indian produces of malt whiskey and, now, launchers of a new and delicious line of gins! We also took a look at Fairtrade Africa – an organisation that, really, needs no introduction at all. Lastly, we spoke with Reitz India, a fan manufacture who taught us as much about snakes as they did about their industrial fans! All in all, we’ve spoken with an interesting range of companies, and the world well and truly is starting to feel active and busy once more.

    Of course, in several of our conversations, we didn’t get far without talk turning to Ukraine. It has been moving and memorable, whilst looking at everyone’s business activities, to also hear about how several of these companies are reaching out to help Ukraine in their own ways. Coming out of a pandemic and into this time of conflict is certainly a time-capsule moment, and we won’t forget a lot of these interviews in a hurry. As always, our thoughts are with Ukraine, and we also encourage you all to pay attention to the rest of the news as well, so that other crucial global stories do not accidently slip us by during this latest event that has the world holding its breath.