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    Endeavour Magazine May 2022

    Eid Muburak!

    As we move out of April and into May, we leave behind a holy season for many. Notably, with May beginning with the celebrations of Eid, we leave behind the season of Ramadan. We also leave behind the period of Passover, the Hindi New Year and many other observances. There are many trying areas for concern in our news and our lives at the moment, but in this period where many holy seasons have recently overlapped, we hope that many of you have experienced a time of peace and renewal.  

    When it comes to the companies we’ve had the pleasure of writing about, this month has been one of vast and multi-faceted Groups. Impressive conglomerates such as the UAE’s prolific Al Ghurair, or the innovative global ABB, have given us plenty to sink our teeth into. In both cases, their activities are as broad as they have been impactful: in Ah Ghurair’s case, the Group has even played an active, tracible hand in transforming Dubai into the bustling urban experience we know it as today.

    Then, there are companies such as Pepsi – who need no introduction – or Oiltanking, who have reached a global presence providing safe and clean storage for products that, whilst we all rely on them, can be hugely damaging if not handled correctly. As long as we need oil, petroleum and gas, whether we like that dependence or not, we need companies like Oiltanking to make that process as safe as possible for all involved. 

    As April comes to a close, the business news on many minds, at least for the next few days, seems to be Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, but we’ve been far more interested in hearing about the successes of all of our feature companies for this issue. It seems that the slowing effects of the past two years are finally becoming a thing of the past, and we continue to be inspired and excited as companies pick up speed once more – and often, armed with the lessons learnt from our shared pandemic experience. These lessons are both in business sense and in kindness, consideration and a better navigation of each other, and we hope that all will continue to be carried forwards – especially with so many holy festivals so recently behind us, sending us forwards into this month.