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    Endeavour Magazine June 2022

    A highlight this month was having the pleasure to speak with two separate mining companies who are making pro-active shifts towards greener, cleaner practices. This is always uplifting to learn about – any move to align the mining industry with the green revolution is an encouraging one for the future of both, as well as for our planet. These two companies both take this move seriously, treating it as far more than just lip service. Green practices are not simply an element within their goals: instead, it is fair to say that they are a primary focus for both.

    The first of these mining companies is Bunker Hill Mining Corp, a self-described ‘turn around team’ that purchased the North American silver and metals mine site in order to do just that. With a history that has carried a negative reputation, and a vast wealth of as-yet untapped resources, the mine had been forced to sit formant for decades due to its previous negative environmental impact. The goal of the site’s new owners was clear: to open a mine that meets and exceeds modern environmental standards, and in doing so, to re-inject some life back into what used to be a mining community. Not only this, but the company selected Bunker Hill specifically for the green applications of its silvers and metals, in contrast with the purely aesthetic and monetary value of gold.

    The second company, Lydian International, impressed us yet further. Not only is being a clean, green mine the company’s primary focus, but it will be the first active mine in Armenia to achieve this aim. The company is acting as a trend-setter, hoping to inspire a new wave of clean mining in the country, and it is doing so at no small expense. You can read both stories, and far more besides, in this month’s issue of Endeavour.

    Oh, and of course – as a UK-based publisher, we can’t launch this month’s magazine without a ‘Happy Platinum Jubilee’ to Her Majesty!
    Well done, Queenie.