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    Endeavour Magazine July 2022

    We’ve moved offices here at Endeavour HQ, and settling into our new location has got us thinking about the future whilst also feeling nostalgic for the past. Speaking with Orford Mining, a Canadian exploration company, we again saw these two elements playing off of each other: the future promise of discoveries and profit on the close horizon, supported by a foundation of past healthy choices and a balanced portfolio. We’ve had some companies mark a major anniversary, and others looking to the future in the form of green energy solutions. MPIA is working towards the future of solar energy in Malaysia, whilst Davis & Shirtliff and Keppel are both contributing to sustainability in ways that involve water – for David & Shirtliff, clean water supply, and for Keppel, offshore renewable energy solutions.

    Speaking personally, two of our pieces had the Editor feeling nostalgic herself; firstly, a shout-out to a traditional Rwandan drink that I experienced something similar of in Mongolia, and secondly, a piece from our Amazing World team on Przewalski’s horse! Or, as it is otherwise known, the Mongolian wild horse. These two reminders of that incredible country brought a smile to my face, and the piece on the Mongolian horse brought some surprising facts to light about those dinky, hardy creatures. Meanwhile, it is no doubt with a degree of nostalgia, as well as reveling in the present, that RHA and the CB Group carry out their celebrations of their local cultures – in the case of the Rwanda Hospitality Association, through promoting tourism to their beloved country, and for CB Group, through promoting the Caribbean’s food!

    In some ways, recent news events have us looking to the past with less positivity. Yet, when it comes to our line-up for this month, the passing of time feels positive indeed. We hope you enjoy this issue as we are enjoying the new offices we put it together in!
    by Alice Instone-Brewer