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Flower Trends: What are the most popular flowers in 2021?

With the help of beautiful and vibrant colour flowers, you can make your whole celebration setup extraordinary and unforgettable. Fresh flowers help in elevating your entire ambience and add a more aesthetic and appealing look. Flowers usually make your home, workspaces, or celebration events more environmentally friendly and fresh by offering beauty, shading, fragrance, and aroma effect all day long.

Therefore it is vital that you make sure to select your blossoms carefully based on your home or celebration events decor and interiors.

Furthermore, by choosing organic flowers you can also contribute to reducing carbon footprint in the natural habitat and add significant impact in your location. If you are looking for top flower trends in 2021, then you have landed in the right place. Here we have covered some most popular kinds of flowers that you must consider in your next purchase.

1. Orchids

Orchids are quite popular at weddings. They can create an excellent and brilliant tropical touch to any bouquet or decorative design. However, these flowers are very delicate and can suffer from dehydration, so ensure to keep them in water until the day of the event.

There are a huge variety of orchid flowers that couples can choose from for their wedding days.

2. Roses

We cannot imagine any event or home decoration without roses being a part of it. They can add charm and beauty to any event with their appearance and fragrance. In addition, there are around 35,000 different types of roses in the world to choose from along with 10-14 days of vase life, so you need not worry about them getting dehydrated or damaged before the event.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine is a summer-blooming flower that is considered one of the best fragranced flowers in the market. It is also one of the ideal flower options for Indian weddings. Ensure to take good care of these flowers before the event so that they lose their fragrance quickly.

4. Calla Lilies

These luxurious and trumpet-moulded flowers are available in a variety of colour options such as pink, white, yellow, purple, and orange. Calla lilies can add stunning and appealing looks to your event. These flowers are extremely sensitive to cold climates and often tend to freeze easily if not taken good care of.

5. Daisy

Daisy flowers are one of the most inexpensive and simple to discover flowers that offer a wide scope of shadings. They are most commonly used as garden bedding plants due to their bright, colourful, and elegant appearance. The majority of these flowers are available all year round and in all sizes to give the desired look to your decorations.

6. Lush Pink Peonies

Pink peonies are an ideal choice for spring outdoor events as they bring lively and welcoming vibes to your function. These flowers are rich in aromas and can be placed indoors to eliminate bad odours and create a refreshing atmosphere. You can also pair them with fresh garden roses to create stunning bouquets for weddings.

7. Tulips

Tulips are the most popular flowers of all. They are available in various colours and it is safe to say that almost all event decorations are incomplete without tulip flowers. They are beautiful, stylish, and can last for up to 5-7 days without getting damaged or dehydrated. Tulips are also extremely inexpensive and the most affordable flowers in the market.

8. Hydrangea

Hydrangea flowers are considered luxurious and elegant flowers in the market. They are available all year long and come in a wide range of colours such as white, green, pink, and blue tones. You must ensure to pay special attention to these flowers as they are extremely delicate and get dehydrated easily.

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