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    Endeavour Magazine September 2022

    As summer draws to a close, we can look back over the last few (unusually) warm months and witness how many people are going back to work after a relaxing holiday. Here at Endeavour, we have braved the boiling office, clad with desk fans and all, to provide a wide variety of interesting features and stories. This month in particular, we have spoken to lots of new businesses, learning each of their unique tales.

    This month’s stories include features from many companies who are greatly concerned with the Earth’s natural elements and enhancing the sustainability of the planet. Such stories include Proconics Engineering company, and the greener changes of E.On Energy, as well as our old friends AngloGold Ashanti. Furthermore, running with the summer theme, we have looked at Sun Metal’s green investment in Zinc, and its aim to be 100% green. This month’s Amazing World also features the spectacular natural phenomenon of Lake Hillier!

    In other news, we also spoke to the South African-based International Firearm Training Academy about the developing firearms industry across the country. Additionally African based is Nomad Tours, and their exciting new wildlife adventures. Further afield, we also spoke to DHL’s West African CEO, to learn more about their international standing. All in all, we have a variety of company stories, learning how culture and business integrate to create the perfect storm.

    In a variety of our stories, we also touch upon the sustained effects of the war in Ukraine which sadly still has a large impact on businesses across the world, alongside the more subtle ramifications of the pandemic. Nevertheless, we can witness how many companies have persevered through adversity and continue to thrive!

    I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the new Editor at Endeavour. We have a lot of exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to work on. I also look forward to working with lots of new innovative businesses as well as some old-friendly faces of the magazine. Overall, I can’t wait to continue the publication’s fantastic legacy as well as bringing exciting new things to Endeavour.

    by Lucy Pilgrim