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    Endeavour Magazine October 2022

    In the UK it has been a great time of change over the last fortnight. With the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II, many people around the world have felt the effects of the end of her 70-year reign. Here at Littlegate, we are very much aware of the impacts that this will have had across many countries, and particularly with some of the companies that we speak to. That being said, with the beginning of a new era it is important to look forward to how times will change and improve.

    In October’s issue of Endeavour, the idea of change and innovation is a key topic throughout this month’s magazine. Firstly, in our chat with Invester’s Trust Project we chatted about how they are combining their twenty-year experience with fresh ideas, giving us an exciting insight into the world of investment. Further afield many other businesses we spoke to are receiving a brand-new lick of paint as they combat the ever-changing challenges that face the business market. This is particularly the case for the work we have seen in the logistics and heavy-duty industry, such as Super Star Forwarders and RAK Logistics, who are pulling the weight to ensure the efficiency of their vital sector. We can also see great steps taken in sustainability within the oil and gas businesses we spoke to, including New Britain Palm Oil, and Paraco Gas, as well as many more. Although this may sound contradictory, it is really good to witness how they are talking such steps to undo the damaging narrative that often precedes the oil and gas industry. Lastly, we also returned to our discussion with Hong Kong Shipowners Association whom after 5 years are still making key waves in the industry.

    A couple of new and exciting features can also be found in the new Diversity and Inclusion sector that in turn will discuss refreshing and forward-thinking initiatives taken by businesses across the world to help undo old-age discourses, paving a way for a brighter future in global business. This month’s issue also features a review of the brand-new Mercedes Benz EQC 400, therefore bringing lots of new and innovative features to get your teeth stuck into!