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    Endeavour Magazine November 2022

    This month marks the start of one of the most anticipated international sporting events: The World Cup 2022. As the world eagerly looks to Qatar to provide a spectacular show, we can all be sure to enjoy the national pride that football generates. Here at Endeavour, it will be particularly interesting to see how the World Cup positively affects many industries in the Middle East. This is particularly pertinent to November’s issue, as we learn more about the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism and how the tourism industry has become of great importance to Middle Eastern regions. Therefore, with the millions of tourists visiting Qatar, it is sure to have a lasting impact on not only the flourishing industries in Qatar but also on generating global awareness of their culture and witnessing an expansion of their tourism industry.

    On a similar plain to tourism, we also learnt many stories of civil aviation across the world this month, hearing from TCAA Regional Air Services, as well as Ethiopian Airlines. What is most interesting to see is how both the civil aviation giants have overcome adversities in their history as well as events in the more recent past, to become a key part of the world’s global network. From the open air to the ocean, this is also true of many port companies featured this month as they continuously demonstrate the meaning of client service.

    Further afield, this month’s magazine also features stories for those who love science! From the streaming of electrical power into the homes of Papa New Guinea to the mighty processes of spallation and nuclear power, science really is an important part of our world.

    Therefore, November’s issue of Endeavour offers a real variety of stories to be told. Plus, in such a turbulent time in UK Politics, it is good to step away and learn about the flourishing practises of international businesses.