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    Endeavour Magazine December 2022

    December is always an eventful time of year, due to Christmas, and the year coming to an end. However, unlike previous Winters, the Qatar 2022 World Cup is in full swing. Across the world, countries are coming together and uniting around one of the most beloved sports in the world. As an international magazine, it is great to witness how many global entities gather in one celebration. In this month’s issue of Endeavour, we take a look at Kahramaa: Qatar’s Department for Water and Electricity. It goes without saying that with millions of fans flocking from around the world, the work of this department is now more than ever vital to the running of the country.

    Across the pond, we have also looked at two key players in the Canadian Mining Industry: Procon Mining and NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines. Both of these Canadian mining companies demonstrate a willingness to be respectful of the land around them, whilst still surpassing their project objectives. Striking a balance between moral judgement and customer satisfaction is what makes the mining industry so successful. This is a negotiation which is vital to the survival of the sector, and brings both Procon and NWT great prosperity.

    The hospitality and food industry has also been a highlight of the magazine, as we witness the luxurious capabilities in Pakistan’s Bahria Town, demonstrating the latest innovations in suburban living. Massy Stores is also a key component of the Trinidad and Tobago food sector, providing brilliant services and produce across the two respective islands.

    In other news, we have also featured in this issue a write-up of the world’s latest supercar: the Rimac Nevera, demonstrating the best of the motoring world’s capabilities. Whilst in great contrast, our Amazing World features the Soyal Ceremony: a Winter Solstice ceremony which brings together ritual and hope for the new year.

    Lastly, on behalf of the whole Endeavour team, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our readers!