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    Endeavour Magazine January 2023

    First of all, Happy New Year! 2023 has arrived in full swing and its looking to be a promising year. At Endeavour, we decided to kick the year off strong, talking to an impressive cohort of companies across the world.

    Over in Hong Kong we had the pleasure of talking to Hill Dickinson Hong Kong, who have witnessed the region’s maritime law sector go from strength to strength. Additionally, also located in Hong Kong is S&techs, promoting international construction and contract management. Both companies represent how Hong Kong have tenaciously developed with the rest of the world, to be an important counterpart in international business, overcoming adversity and continuing to prosper.

    Elsewhere, we have got to know mining and mineral industries across the globe. One being Renkert Oil, that can pride themselves on having brilliant capabilities with premium process oils that occur across many industries. Furthermore, AKF Mining place their client’s individual need in high regard, with specialised mineral exploration and exciting advancements in geoscience. Together, it has been really good to learn about the sheer variety that can be found in the mining industry. From mining to construction, Hydrotechnik Lubeck are also working hard to keep the world’s oceans clean, using innovative technology and strategy as efficient damage control across open waters.

    We also looked to our old friends Abdali Investment & Development, showcasing an idyllic location for success in both living and business, providing state-of-the-art office spaces and residential areas. Such innovations are replicated in our Amazing World feature, in ‘The Line’, a mind-bending utopia created by NEOM in Saudi Arabia, as it pushes the frontier of suburban living. Market-i have also returned, as they continue to make big strides in the marketing industry.

    Overall, it has a joy to learn about a diverse range of industries, and we look forward to continuing to bring you many company’s stories for the year to come!