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    Endeavour Magazine February 2023

    As many companies get back into the swing of things after the joys of the festive season, we have had the pleasure of reporting on exciting projects coming up this year for a wide range of businesses. Each company has strived to new levels of technology and operational size, in preparation for the new year.

    Such companies include Canadian North Resources, who spoke to us about the advancements in their drilling capabilities of minerals in the Northern territories of Canada. By engaging in new strategies with a fresh approach, they are making waves in the local economy and engaging in the exploration of Ferguson Lake minerals. Kamloops exploration Group possess a similar approach, as their established history in mineral and mining exploration means that they can hold a unique position as a non-profit organisation that gives back to its surrounding areas and meets the demands of sustainable practices. This has been refreshing to witness in the dawn of new greener mining practices.

    This month we have also featured a number of innovative construction companies. Across the many industries that we cover in Endeavour, construction is always a regular feature. However, this month’s construction and building enterprises demonstrate an extra tenacity in their projects. PEI Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association, for example, is unique in its achievement of complex operations and the facilitating of an active voice in the industry. As demonstrated by construction companies’ stories we have shown over the years, the industry is incredibly vast. However, by providing a pedestal for companies to have a say in the running of the construction specialty, has unmeasurable value. This is certainly felt by the Aluminum Federation of South Africa, who are a valuable support structure for the flourishing aluminum industry in the region. This issue also welcomes the stories of Forage FTE Drilling and World Oil, who enjoy a big influence on the global oil and energy sector.

    We have also had the pleasure of learning about MediGuide International, that are facilitating serious innovations in the healthcare profession, by using online platforms to access medical advice on demand. At a time when the healthcare is seriously stretched on an international level, it has been great to spread awareness of effective and easy alternatives that can make a key difference to patients’ lives.

    Overall, it has been great to share the stories of company’s who are ambitiously taking 2023 by storm, each contributing to the betterment of their industry and the community that surrounds them.