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    Endeavour Magazine March 2023

    This month officially marks the start of Spring, which means we can look forward to warmer weather and flourishing flowers. As the new season begins, it is certainly a time for refresh and renewal. Here at Endeavour, we have embraced such changes with full force. This month’s features each demonstrate a sense of giving back to the world around them, both through industry and environmental change. This is particularly pertinent in a time of terrible national disaster, as we offer our sympathies to those impacted by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

    As you will see, the March issue features Australian company, ECG Engineering, who are setting an example of how innovations in electrical engineering can have a magnanimous positive effect. This is further replicated by the admirable actions of SCAMP, as they work tirelessly to expand the growth of the underwater ecosystem in our planet’s oceans.

    Continuing on the water theme, Ghella Albergeldie is conducting vital operations in New Zealand’s wastewater management sector. Although this sounds somewhat unpleasant, it is in fact interesting to learn about the complex strategy and planning that is involved in keeping the island’s sewers going. Elsewhere, we have spoken to a great variety of companies. This includes G4S South Africa, which does far more than simply provide security solutions, rather, they are an integrated part of South Africa’s public services and prison structure, making a big difference across the country and beyond.

    These are just some of the fantastic features that we have this month, as we touch upon businesses that are part of the mining and energy industury.