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    Endeavour Magazine April 2023

    April marks the start of warmer weather, and with this comes a bumper issue of Endeavour, featuring a variety of companies across a range of sectors. This month also brings with it the continuation of Ramadan, and the Easter holiday, demonstrating a time of reflection and celebration. This is felt across the Endeavour office as we learn about some of the fantastic stories of the companies that have overcome adversity to reach a position of success.

    Features with particularly fascinating stories include the Bank of Ghana, which have a history that is entangled with political freedom and overcoming the challenges of seeking independence. In a similar vein, Ok Tedi Mining stands strong as the mining giant of Papa New Guinea, existing as the beating heart of the country.

    We also had the honour of talking to APT about the evolution of the mineral processing industry in South Africa. What is most revealing is the complex but coherent systems that stem across the company, particularly in the developing gold sector.

    April’s magazine will also be my final issue as Editor of Endeavour, and I wanted to take the opportunity to say that I have loved discovering and chatting to companies across the world, each with their own tale to tell. I want to thank the readers of this wonderful magazine for taking the time to enjoy every story, as well as thanking the rest of the Endeavour team, whom I will greatly miss.