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    Endeavour Magazine May 2023

    As April draws to a close and we begin the hopeful countdown to those lovely summer days, we here at Endeavour look forward to entering the new month with brighter mornings and warmer temperatures. Over here in the UK there are some big events taking place this month, most notably with the coronation of King Charles III so we are sure to be seeing the streets lined with celebrations soon.

    This month’s features are companies that are always striving for success, whilst remaining crucially aware of their impact on the world. We looked at NextSource Materials Ltd., a leading force in the Battery Anode Materials world which has strategically worked to place its operations as a key supplier to the global electric vehicle market. Then we return to Nomad Africa Tours & Safaris and are reminded why their passion and love for the African landscape continues to bring tourists from across the globe to experience their bucket list tours. Throughout this month’s issue, the companies consistently foster an environment of unity; working with their partners, employees, and shareholders to promote their continued success and a positive environment.

    May marks the beginning of some things here at Endeavour! This is my first issue of Endeavour as the new editor. I hope to bring you great articles each month which truly celebrate all the great work companies are doing across the world, whilst putting my stamp on the magazine with chosen topic articles. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the companies we have looked at this month and I look forward to continuing to bring you great articles for many months to come.