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    Endeavour Magazine June 2023

    June finally marks the start of summer here in the UK, and we can already feel the weather shifting.  In this month’s issue of Endeavour, we get to know a whole host of companies, associations and development boards which are showing great operations across the globe.

    We take a deep dive into Anglo American this month, looking extensively at its operations in South Africa that are shaping the future of mining in a smart and sustainable way. Then we look at a variety of global giants including Komatsu Mining Corp, Bechtel, and Inchcape (to name just a few) all of which are providing innovative solutions for their customers internationally.

    This month we also look at many companies operating across the globe to deliver services in mining, shipping, construction, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Many of these companies have the common goal of improving the sustainability of their operations whilst ensuring that they are benefitting their local communities. We cover a variety of associations and institutes this month, all of which are developing their countries into internationally recognised players in their respective global industries.

    A particularly key theme of this month, especially throughout the various associations and institutes, is education. Education plays a key role for many of these associations to shape the future of their industries by providing personal development towards employment opportunities. Therefore, the June issue of Endeavour Magazine is not one to be missed.