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    Endeavour Magazine July 2023

    In this month’s issue of Endeavour, we had the pleasure of catching up with Adria Power Systems to see how they have fared since we last covered them. Speaking to the president of the company we go to see the great work Adria Power Systems has been doing to electrify the mining industry, particularly focusing on the production of its game-changing charging solutions. Consequently, Adria Power Systems is leading the industry through its innovative designs towards a more sustainable future.

    Then we bring you a whole host of agricultural features which are showing how vital the seed industries across the world are for the security of food production and regional economic development. We got the chance to interact with the Zambia Seed Trade Association (ZASTA), to see the crucial work the association does to develop the Zambian seed industry towards international markets, whilst working to develop its own presence in the global seed sector. We also cover the vital work that the African Seed Trade Association and The Chilean Seed Association are doing to promote, support and develop the seed industries in their respective regions.

    Following this, we got to look at Medcorp Limited Group and highlight the crucial role they are playing in developing healthcare across Trinidad and Tobago on its 30th birthday! This month we also look at a range of companies excelling across a variety of sectors, including construction, tourism, mining, and manufacturing.

    It is clear that this month’s issue covers a wide variety of businesses, but one thing remains the same – every company, association and organisation is developing their operations towards continued global success.