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    Endeavour Magazine August 2023

    As we enter the peak summer months, many of us look forward to vacations, time to relax and enjoy the warmer temperatures. However, at Endeavour our thoughts this month are with those experiencing devastation from the widespread wildfires and flooding across the globe which are taking homes and livelihoods away from so many. We send our support and thoughts to all those impacted by this across the world.

    In terms of our features this month, we got the chance to catch up with Investors Trust, talking with David Knights to learn more about the company’s expansion in Asia and how they are positioning themselves as a leading investment solutions option in such a vital location. Then we cover some big companies such as BP Trinidad and Tobago and Saipem who are expanding their global reach to develop localised projects towards global recognition.

    Some personal favourite features from this month include Mario’s Pizzeria (and not just because the food looks so good!) which champions a community spirit and gives a real feel of friendship throughout its operations. As well as the International Zinc Association, which is developing the use of zinc worldwide toward sustainable projects, whilst doing vital work to help combat zinc deficiency in children.

    Overall, we again cover a great variety of companies which are working towards building their industries towards global recognition, and we look forward to seeing how they all continue to strive for success throughout their operations.