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    Endeavour Magazine September 2023

    We can’t quite believe that summer is almost over, and we will shortly be welcoming in Autumn. After a much colder summer than usual here in the UK – even by our standards – we look forward to the renewed freshness the next month will bring after a chilly but relaxing summer.

    This month we jump back in with some giant gas and petroleum companies bringing crucial infrastructure across their respective regions. We look at Sol Guyana Incorporated which is bringing key investments to the downstream energy and petroleum markets of Guyana. Then we see how BP’s Greater Tortue Ahmeyim LNG Project is working to position Mauritiana and Senegal as key players in the global LNG field.

    Some personal favourite features from this month include Intercare Group which is bringing accessible and convenient healthcare across South Africa through a range of specialised medical and dental facilities. It is clear that Intercare’s focus is on putting patients’ well-being first, and this is shown across all aspects of its operations. Another favourite is Bay State Milling which is a family-run operation that remains ahead of the food industry by providing a range of ingredients and food products that are created with dietary needs in mind.

    Once again, we cover a vast array of businesses that are working towards a more sustainable future whilst establishing their companies as leaders across international markets. Over the next few years, we are excited to see how each continues to strive for success and develop their businesses across the globe.