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    Endeavour Magazine October 2023

    Welcome back to Endeavour Magazine!

    This month we are diving straight into a range of businesses, associations and port authority boards which are ensuring that global supply chains keep moving across the world through the diverse industry of shipping and logistics. We often forget how much of a vital role shipping companies play in guaranteeing that crucial products, materials, and equipment are delivered to us safely, efficiently and in great condition. Therefore, this month we are excited to highlight the key role these businesses play in the global shipping industry.

    Following on from this, we had the opportunity to delve into the world of mining with the opportunity to talk with Chris Castle the President and CEO of Chatham Rock Phosphate. Chatham Rock Phosphate are a small team making a massive difference in the sustainable development of the world through phosphate mining in the agriculture sector. We got the chance to see all the vital work Chatham Rock Phosphate does across the industry, and, as it continues to expand its exploration licenses, we look forward to catching up with the company over the coming years as its mining activities continue to expand.

    We also spoke with Mr. Sulemanu Koney from the Ghana Chamber of Mines to see how the Chamber tirelessly works to develop Ghana’s mining industry on both a local and international level. We loved getting to chat with the CEO and look forward to seeing how the Chamber develops over the coming years.

    Aside from a plethora of shipping and mining operations, we also turn to some great energy and manufacturing companies which are ensuring that their respective regions are developed with their customers always in mind. We look forward to seeing how these companies develop over the coming years and to the role they will all continue to play in driving the world towards crucial economic development.