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    The Americas has for a long time been a vast titan of industry, flag shipping globalisation and expansion across the world. As such, it is a privilege to be able to witness how many businesses, new and old, lead the way in technology and innovation. Subjects range from the search for the rarest resources, to a spanking new airport, to sizzling solar power. Thus, in this special publication on the Americas, we can see how things are only looking up. It is no surprise then that such a vast region has such exciting projects on the horizon.
    Like the rest of the world, industries across the Americas are facing new challenges every day. Namely, the demand of the ever-growing populous, as well as the ability to keep labour as a consequence of the pandemic. However, as demonstrated by many of the businesses in the publication, such challenges are faced with innovation and tenacity that for centuries characterised the Americas spirit!
    One of the main adaptions to adversity is witnessed in the push toward greener practices. This is shown through ProSeal Corp’s drive towards greener construction, and UGE International’s huge advancements in Solar power, to name a few. Such technological advancements can also be seen in the cars of the future, presented by Piedmont Lithium Limited, coming up with fresh and exciting ways to power electric cars.
    So, in this publication centring on the Americas, we can see how rich culture marries with technological advancement to exemplar how many industries across the Americas are keeping up with the changing tide and subsequently upholding their legacy of giants of industry.