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SAM Mouldings: Putting the Personal Touch on Moulding Solutions

Responsible for manufacturing a range of top-quality MDF mouldings, SAM’s products can be seen throughout homes, offices, hotels, and a range of commercial buildings which are all finished with the company’s top-quality products and excellent customer service. SAM Mouldings is a family-run MDF company that believes the same values that make raising a family so successful can be applied to all areas of their business. Therefore, the continued success of the company stems from its core values of teamwork, integrity, respect, and loyalty making them a key player in facilitating market-leading, consistent, and reliable moulding solutions.  

With over 30 years in the construction and home improvements industry, SAM mouldings lead the way in providing high-quality MDF moulding solutions. MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a low wastage-engineered wood product that takes ground wood chip fibres and binds them with synthetic resin and wax. The fibres, resin and wax are then pressed into flat panels under high heat and pressure. The resulting product makes a perfect solution for mouldings, including skirting boards, architrave, window boards and door framing. MDF makes a great choice as it is easy to cut, provides little wastage, and is stable but with a little flexibility making it a great choice for uneven surfaces. It is also smooth, consistent in quality, and available in a range of lengths and finishes – whilst also being low maintenance. Furthermore, moisture resistance MDF is also created to withstand the pressure of humidity and dampness caused in bathrooms or kitchens. Therefore, the moulding industry is a crucial player in redevelopment, building and trade industries, and so SAM provides essential moulding solutions to facilitate these projects with the personal touch of SAM’s customer service guaranteed.  

SAM has offices and factories across the globe, working critically in Europe, the UK, Ireland, and the United States of America. The company has factories in Northern Ireland and England, which are working to produce a range of high-quality products in a variety of wrap options, pre-finished mouldings, and mouldings in a variety of colours. SAM continues to invest in its mouldings to bring new ranges, whilst continuing to make availability and delivery seamless for its wide array of new and repeat customers. However, it is not just SAM’s top-quality products that keep people coming back, it’s the personalised touch that each customer gets with their order that continues to set them apart from its competitors. SAM believes in fostering a family-like dynamic which works to support each other and promote the company’s continued success. SAM encourages this by rewarding its team regularly for putting their core values into action. Therefore, every service and product provided by SAM has a personalised bespoke feel to it. This extends into their manufacturing and product line as the company has a bespoke team ready to help you find solutions to your moulding needs, whether it be super specific requirements or to match other existing mouldings from period properties.  

With over 600 profiles in its product library, SAM continues to develop its product line to lead the industry. Notably, they announced they are introducing a new primed finish line of MDF which launched at the start of 2023. The introduction of the new finish will bring a top-quality product to the market, setting an even higher standard both for the company and the industry. The new finish will provide customers with superior and robust finish quality, which will allow trade professionals, contractors, and housebuilders to provide higher-quality finishes throughout their projects. This new product line comes as part of a £1 million investment into the company over the coming years. Commercial Director of SAM, Cat McCrea said, in the press release announcing the investment and product lines, “This initial one-million-pound investment is the first of many improvements we will be making in 2023 to strengthen our stock range and lead times. Through our customer network, we want to give contractors and house builders the confidence that they will achieve the best possible standard and finish on their MDF mouldings, and this new primed finish does exactly that”. Consequently, when you order SAM products, you are buying from a company that is constantly working to improve its service and provide better options for its customers. SAM is leading the industry for moulding solutions, and this massive investment shows its commitment to continuing to stay ahead of the game.  

As the world moves towards an increasingly sustainable future, SAM is ensuring they are meeting the needs of the future by participating in recycling and power initiatives, including using waste offcuts in their wood waste steam boiler and turbine to provide electricity, heat and paint drying power facilities to its factories. Furthermore, every factory has solar panels installed on the roof to provide further energy across its operations. The wood used is also ethically sourced, and is FSC Certified, so you can be sure that when you buy from SAM mouldings you are supporting a business that believes in and is actively working to preserve the world’s forests.  

SAM Mouldings is a company which puts its morals and values at the forefront to give its customers and the planet the respect and care it deserves. They are committed to promoting their competitive success across the industry, by continuing to invest in its products. You can be sure that when you are buying from SAM mouldings you are going to experience a personalised and honest service from a family-run business that wants to help you facilitate your projects to the best of their abilities. It is a company that would go above and beyond, and we look forward to seeing how they continue to expand and continue to solidify themselves as a key figure in the moulding industry.