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    Endeavour Magazine January 2024

    Happy New Year! 

    Welcome back to Endeavour Magazine and welcome to 2024! We hope you all had a great time welcoming in the new year and we look forward to bringing you yet another year of great stories covering businesses and organisations from across the globe.  

    We start the new year off well with a bumper feature covering the expansive shipping and logistics company CMA CGM. We got to see the core pillars of its operations and the pivotal role it plays in global trade.  

    Then we return to AKF Mining to look at its vital role as a mining and geoscience firm which provides its customers with expertise and information regarding explorations, geological modelling, mineral resources, and reserve estimates across the international mining industry.  

    Following on from this we look at some great players across the energy sector which are working to bring crucial energy infrastructure and development towards the future of their respective regions.  

    Overall, we start the new year with a whole range of companies which have sustainability as a key focus. As we move ever closer towards many companies’ sustainability goals, the focus on innovating industries to implement carbon-neutral initiatives is increasingly important.  

    We look forward to seeing how all of these companies and associations continue to expand and help move the world towards a future of sustainable development.