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    Endeavour Magazine February 2024


    Welcome back to Endeavour Magazine!

    With companies across the world now back in full swing, many will be gathering to set out their objectives for the year ahead and establishing crucial roadmaps for how to achieve this. Therefore, this month we are celebrating a whole range of companies which have taken the new year by storm and are already working towards their goals for 2024. For many, this is reflected in sustainability goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work towards establishing a future for their respective companies, local communities, and the environment.

    Almost all of the companies we look at this month are moving into the new year with innovation as a primary focus. This innovation may be to build technologies, solutions, or services; however, the central goal is to make their operations add value to global industries whilst also respecting the planet. We see this critically from SBM Offshore which is meeting the global demands of the energy sector by creating new and innovative solutions to make energy and its subsequent infrastructure more accessible and renewable.

    We then return to Newmont Corporation looking critically at the company’s mining operations in South America including the Pueblo Viejo Mine in the Dominican Republic which is one of the world’s largest gold assets. We got to see how the jointly owned project has made strides towards sustainability with the conversion to natural gas at the site’s Power Plant, with the hope of helping the two companies achieve their sustainability goals. 

    Furthermore, this month we also look at some essential companies in the energy and petroleum industries, a vial mining project bringing development to Australia and a range of port and shipping companies which are helping to manage pivotal ports across the planet.  

    Overall, we loved getting to see how all of these companies are stepping into the new year and we look forward to seeing what 2024 holds for them all. We wish you all well for the year ahead and look forward to bringing you yet another year of great articles on some of the biggest companies and projects across the world.