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Cool Upgrades to Make On Your Car

Image Source: Pexels

Fancy a big fat loud exhaust? What about a discreet multi-coloured interior lighting system? Or what about a cool new overall body wrap?

There are many reasons and ways that today’s owners upgrade their cars.

Some do it to improve performance, like getting more horsepower from a new air filter or better handling from stiffer suspension components. Others might prioritise the look of their car. They could customise it with added body kit or different wheels.

Then there are those who simply enjoy new tech. These may add built-in cameras and ICE systems.

Ownership of any vehicle is a chance to indulge your personal preferences. We all want a better driving experience – but have different ways of finding it.

Popular vehicle upgrades

Here are some of the most popular ways people upgrade cars:

Performance Modifications

Enthusiasts boost their car’s performance in a wide range of ways. It could be something simple like engine additives or higher-grade fuel or it could be fitting a bigger engine.

Common upgrades include fitting a sportier exhaust or adding a performance chip to the engine management system.

Tire Upgrades

Replacing the original tires and wheels for high-performance alternatives like Venom power tires, has become a popular way of significantly improving a car’s handling, traction, and overall looks.

Larger wheels and low-profile tires can create a sportier look on any car.

Increasingly however, savvy car owners are choosing to replace standard road tires with all-terrain tires. This can give excellent off-road ability to the most unlikely vehicle.

Off-road tires add a high level of grip on slippery surfaces like snow, ice, sand, mud, and gravel. They can enable driving adventures away from tarmac.

All-terrain tires also benefit the driving experience when roads become difficult for normal cars – like during periods of snow and ice.

 Customise the Look

Image Source: Pexels

Many owners like personalising the look of their car. This can range from a simple fancy aerial or new alloy wheels to a full respray or body wrap.

Owners of many popular models can buy sporty body kits that make the whole car look more muscular and aggressive.

At the same time, interiors can get more subtle upgrades like new upholstery or lighting systems.

Technology and Connectivity

Upgrading a car’s features is a cool way to keep an older car up to date.

Upgrades may include installing a Bluetooth DAB sound system, integrating smartphone connectivity, or adding advanced safety features. Thankfully, gone are the days where you pray for a decent connection and clear sound clarity from your Bluetooth car adaptor to play your music.

Suspension Upgrades

If owners value improved handling, steering and roadholding there are ingenious mechanical ways of improving that on any car.

Others prioritise the ride comfort of their vehicles. Both changes require adaptations to the original suspension components.

This could mean fitting better shocks, struts, or roll bars – or even changing the entire suspension system.

Headlight Power

Upgrading the car’s lights is a very popular choice for both looks and functionality.

This could simply mean replacing the standard bulbs with brighter and more efficient LED or HID bulbs. Dedicated upgraders also add custom LED accent lights to transform the appearance of any car.

What other benefits are there to car upgrades?

A customized or car stands out from the crowd thanks to its upgrades. A good paint job or body kit usually attracts attention and admiration.

Professional-quality enhancements to a car’s looks, performance or technology can make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Functional upgrades, like improved suspension or advanced safety features, are added features that make owning and using the car more pleasant. They can make a car more useful and practical too.

A towing bar or roof rack makes a car more versatile – and better suspension can make the ride more comfortable for passengers.

Of course, not all upgrades increase a car’s resale price – we’ve all seen ridiculous paintjobs and heard exhausts that sound like an engine misfire.

It’s the well-chosen modifications like tire upgrades or superior suspension enhancements that most positively impact any vehicle’s overall value.