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    Endeavour Magazine April 2024

    It’s April and that marks the start of a new season, and with it comes this bumper issue of Endeavour Magazine.

    In this edition, we had the pleasure of talking with Greg Borossay from the Port of San Diego to see the vast role the port plays in developing the economy of California whilst championing the maritime industry. Borossay spoke of the shift towards electrification with the implementation of electric cranes across the port, which has increased the capacity of its cargo handling capabilities and reduced emissions.

    We also got to catch up with Todd Knight from Oil Finders to gain a great insight into the complex world of data analysis. We looked into how Oil Finders provides essential seismic and geophysical data to companies and banks across the world, spearheaded by Knight’s background in geophysics. Through this valuable data, we saw the crucial role Oil Finders play in helping banks and corporations make vital investment decisions backed by science.

    We then turn to stories from industry giants such as Maersk India, John Deere and Barrick Gold Corporation who continue to bring major development to the shipping, manufacturing, and mining industries. In addition to these, we also got to see some great stories from a range of businesses from the renewable energy, real estate, and tourism sectors that are working to bring vital success to their respective regions.

    We hope you enjoy this edition of Endeavour Magazine, and we look forward to seeing how each company continues to develop their operations towards a profitable and sustainable future.