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    Endeavour Magazine May 2024

    This month we start with some of the largest mining and mining construction equipment companies in the world. From BHP’s operations mining some of the most valuable metals and minerals in the world that are playing a vital role in the future of renewable energy, to Vale who is delivering mining projects that support the delivery of vital infrastructure to handle the global energy transition. We then turn to Komatsu and Caterpillar who are pioneering the manufacturing of equipment to make these kinds of mining projects a success.

    In this edition, we also look at the intricate waterways system in America which are delivering vital cargo throughout the country’s inland rivers and harbours. We then turn to ports and harbours across Ghana, Mexico, Gibraltar and even Brazil to see how the maritime and shipping industries are developing the economic development of their respective regions and continue to build upon the reputation of each one within the global shipping line industry.

    We are also delighted to return to Magdalena to look at how it has transformed its sugar cane milling operations over the last 40 years and is now the largest privately owned energy producer in the company.

    One thing that echoes throughout this edition of Endeavour is a focus on developing towards the future with a prominent focus on sustainability. With every operation and project, each company or association is establishing vital measures to protect the planet and deliver significant economic development for the future.

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