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Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Limited: Innovative Management Solutions

With the goal to be a leading port and estate management company, Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Limited (PLIPDECO) is a publicly traded company operating across the Point Lisas Port and Industrial Estate in Trinidad and Tobago. Thanks to its vital location in what is often regarded as the ‘Gateway to America’, PLIPDECO’s operations are working to developing the Port of Point Lisas, and implement key logistical and industrial estate infrastructure to transform the area into a vital hub serving international shipping lines travelling along its coast.   

Incorporated in 1966, PLIPDECO is a publicly owned company, with 51% ownership belonging to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the other 49% held by private shareholders. These shareholders include banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, company employees and the general public. The company was established under the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and now trades on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. Today, PLIPDECO is the owner and landlord of 862.613 hectares on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, serving international shipping lines and the petrochemical industry across the west coast of Central Trinidad.

The site spans 103 tenants with 88 companies spanning a range of activities. The large majority of these activities are involved in the petrochemical sector, dealing in methanol, ammonia and urea plants, as well as a steel plant, power plant and various smaller light manufacturing and servicing companies. These companies play a valuable role in the accessibility of natural gas resources, and, as they’re located in such a pivotal location close to American markets, PLIPDECO’s industrial estate division is focused on developing the infrastructure of its industrial estate to ensure that these companies can bring continued economic benefit via the international sale and distribution from the petrochemical industry to Trinidad.

In addition to these tenants, PLIPDECO also owns the Port of Point Lisas which consists of 6 general cargo and container berths which handle a whole variety of cargo travelling to and from America. The Port is the second largest in Trinidad and is located just 32km south of the Port of Spain. Its location on the West coast of Trinidad means that it plays a valuable role in international shipping lines travelling between North and South America, as well as various lines travelling from Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Far East. Therefore, Port of Point Lisas and Port of Spain are vital to helping move cargo from the region and beyond into both international and local markets.

At the port, dry and liquid bulk, containers, general cargo, and break-bulk cargo are all transported and delivered to and from individual and business sectors in Trinidad via the commercial berths and multi-purpose cargo facility. To ensure that the cargo operations of Point Lisas remain competitive in both the South American and International markets, PLIPDECO focuses on ensuring that the port’s management and the infrastructure of the port are developed to meet the growing demand for cargo travelling through the port. This commitment to strict management and efficient cargo handling has provided PLIPDECO with its reputation for first-class customer service.

To aid in its ability to handle cargo travelling from both local and international markets at the Port of Point Lisas, PLIPDECO offers a range of warehousing services to ensure that it can continue to play a valuable role in keeping supply chains running efficiently. Warehousing services under PLIPDECO include the LCL Warehouse which is a customs-bonded facility providing housing for trade and non-trade cargo in a covered storage area, LCL Export Services which facilitate intra-regional trade and provides greater market access for small and medium-sized manufacturers, and The Offsite Facility which is designed for clients looking for the temporary storage of dry containers, chassis, and break-bulk cargo. Another key service offered by PLIPDECO is its FCL service which provides importers with a warehouse facility designed for unstuffing dry containers and short-term storage of the cargo. This service allows PLIPDECO to provide a cost-effective, convenient, and secure stuffing/unstuffing service to customers using the Point Lisas Port. Through, PLIPDECO’s experienced team of specialists, customers can be sure their cargo is in safe hands.

PLIPDECO also benefits from many strategic partnerships which allow it to continue to play a vital role in developing the logistical movement of cargo beyond its port and industrial estate. The service works in lockstep with the Port’s existing offerings to provide customers with a stream-lined end-to-end, fast and cost-effective hauling, packing and warehousing service which capitalises on Point Lisas’ strategic location to move cargo onto its intended market through its connection to logistical providers.

Overall, PLIPDECO plays a valuable role in Trinidad’s shipping and cargo industry as it works as both a landlord, port operator and logistic facilitator to shipments travelling to and from Trinidad. With such a vast role, PLIPDECO is committed to ensuring that the infrastructure surrounding the shipping and cargo industry remains reliable and efficient to be able to bring continued economic benefits from the port into the local economy. We look forward to seeing how PLIPDECO continues to develop its operations and expand its operations in the coming years to continue to be a competitive hub in the international shipping industry.