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Bakhresa Group: Azeem 

Taking on everything from freight to food, Bakhresa Group is an industrial conglomerate based in Tanzania, East Africa. From simple beginnings, its entrepreneurial founder is now a Tanzanian billionaire, and Bakhresa is without a doubt one of the...

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Business Profiles

Java House: A cup of Africa

Coffee culture is a phenomenon the world over. America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East – this culture is popular from nation to nation, and Kenya is no different. To celebrate its 20-year anniversary, we spoke with Paul Smith, the CEO of...

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Guinness Storehouse: Living history

Guinness – it’s a brand close to many people’s hearts and a name that immediately evokes thoughts of Ireland. Founded in 1759, the spirit of Guinness is still alive today, not only in the city, but wherever the beer is enjoyed. Its story has...

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Coffee Break

Unique Ways to Improve Workplace Morale

Image source – Workplace morale is vital on so many different levels. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Plus, it is a workforce that won’t want to up sticks and leave. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the unique ways...

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