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Siemens Russia

For more than 160 years Siemens in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia has been the synonym of innovation, technological excellence, quality and reliability, ensuring the company development in the region and contributing the technological experience...

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Coffee Break

How Robots Will Change the Way We Work

The writing’s on the wall: robots are coming. The latest report issued by the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers shows that if you earn between 20$ and 40$ an hour, there’s a 31% chance you’ll be replaced by a robot in the near future. If you earn...

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Dr Sue Black, Tech Rock Star

Named one of Europe’s 50 most inspiring women in tech in 2015, Dr Sue Black is a champion for women in computing. She’s been called a ‘tech rock star’ and a ‘tech evangelist’, thanks to her inspiring work that is moving us towards digital...

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