The Goddess of Wall Street, Playboy Centerfold Stephanie Adams, Dispels Gossip From Lawsuits

After countless articles and interviews written about Playboy Centerfold Stephanie Adams on winning her $1.2 million dollar NYPD lawsuit as well as her successful businesses and entrepreneurship, Adams issued statements regarding the gossip derived from that case and especially one from years ago regarding a staff member that was allegedly fired for being too cute.

“This disgruntled worker is not and was never referred to by anyone as cute. The individual was a part-time independent contractor that worked a small number of hours weekly in just a few short months for basically nothing but a need for experience in a reputable establishment. However, when someone conjures up a false medical massage license, fails to provide U.S. citizenship papers, then threatens me and my family if we fire them, threats alone are reason enough to be arrested and removed from my place of business immediately.”

Image Credit: Francesco Sapienza
Image Credit: Francesco Sapienza

According to the ageless pinup beauty, “As the lawyers unethically took advantage of my name in the media, clearly some of their pro bono subjects have tried to gather press as an attempt to further harass notable company owners, when in truth, these workers are fired for their poor services and behavior.”

Adams further went on to say “I find it interesting how someone accusing my husband of doing anything in ‘secret’ simultaneously contradicted such claims by stating how he was always strictly professional. My husband and our family have a magical relationship, filled with love, respect, and communication. Perhaps the only ‘secret’ is when others wish they could have that, which is why such paltry gibber is nothing but laughable.”

As to the tabloids that reported her NYPD lawsuit, Adams was pretty direct. “They need to get their facts straight, I was never arrested, I was the plaintiff, remember? And no, I’m not a ‘lesbian married to a man.’ That is libel and they are asking to be sued.”

Now dubbed “The Goddess of Wall Street” with her “GODDESSY Organics” skincare line available on Wall Street, Adams was a Wilhelmina model, later signing with Elite Model Management after posing for Playboy, eventually becoming a spokesmodel for the magazine. “I had a busy
modeling career but what the media often overlook are facts that I have dual bachelor degrees, am an author of over two dozen books, and a contributing writer about spirituality and empowerment.”

Image Credit: Francesco Sapienza
Image Credit: Francesco Sapienza

Adams was a self-made millionaire before 30, is a private investor in Fortune 500 companies, and is the founder of several medical and wellness practices. “With all the silliest gossip and overall nonsense you read on the internet, people need to be informed about more important subjects, such as health, happiness, and what they should do to improve their own lifestyle. That is why I provide the spiritual and holistic products and services that I do, because what really matters is taking care of yourself and your family.”