Chitrangda Singh and Shibani Dandkar talk about the ideal gift for men

Universally everyone loves getting gifts. There are a few people who may say otherwise, but really, who are they kidding? Buying a perfect gift can be tricky and its gets more difficult when it comes to men! No matter how simple they may seem, their specifications can put any modern day fashionista to shame. So if you’re planning to get him something generic like a tie or cufflinks, think again.

While getting it right can be hard, the easiest way to figure out what to gift a man is to figure what NOT to get him. We’ve got two of the classiest women, Chitrangada Singh and Shibani Dandekar trying to solve the old age dilemma and list down some options that definitely don’t work. Let’s hear it straight from the ladies!

Never gift a man – Perfume
This is one of the most obvious things that you can gift a man but maybe not the smartest. With perfume it can go either way, you could either be getting too personal or they prefer musk or it could imply that he does not smell too great! It’s best to avoid getting into these complexities and think of the next option.

Never gift a man – A vintage pen
While they may look really nice and stylish, not too many people actually use these.  It’s the digital era and everyone is tapping away on their phones.  It’s quite sad but true that very few people would actually appreciate a pen these days.

Never gift a man – A designer shirt
A designer shirt will definitely cross your mind and however predictable it may be, it’s not the easiest option. You have to keep in mind the color, cut, print, fabric and most of all, the size! You certainly don’t want to be hassled by exchanges later.

Never gift a man – A watch
We’re not denying that this isn’t a good gift, but like the shirt, this too will warrant a lot of specifications – do they want a metal strap or leather? The dial should be gold, chrome, black, silver, steel grey, round or square! This option is best bought when your man is shopping with you!

Now that they have covered everything that won’t work, they spill the beans on that one thing that they can always go back to while buying gifts for the men in their life – Scotch Whisky! Ideal for any occasion and a sure shot way to get a smile on his face. After all, he loves discussing the flavor, region, taste to his friends and also adding  the scotch whisky to his prized bar collection.

“It’s a great feeling when someone cherishes your gift. The appreciation and smile make every moment count while giving the ideal gift. My father is a perfectionist and a man of great character and strength. He enjoys his Scotch whisky and hence the perfect gift for him would be a bottle of VAT69.” said Chitrangda.

Adding to this, Shibani, said “I love buying gifts for people who I am close to as I know their likes and dislikes.  When I am invited to a friend’s house I always gift a bottle of Black &White as it’s one of the best tasting Scotches whiskies today and always tastes better when shared! If I know someone who has won an award or received a promotion I tend to gift them a bottle of Black Dog to celebrate their achievements.

The two ladies were also recently seen unveiling USL-Diageo’s Scotch Whisky Gifting collection in Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore.

Drink Responsibly.

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