The Belief Gene is the debut thriller by Kentish author Danny Roberts

In Kenitsh author Danny Roberts’ exhilarating thriller, Inspector Tom Zalucki struggles against a sinister conspiracy from deep inside the European Union…

the belief gene
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In his debut novel, Danny Roberts dives fearlessly into the most controversial topics affecting Europe today to create a fast-paced, crime thriller spiced with a wickedly satirical portrayal of the powerful cabal who really control the EU. At a European Union summit in Brussels, a shadowy conspiracy forms to steal secret technology from the Catholic Church; in a hotel bedroom in Krakow, Poland, a woman steals semen from a rich footballer; in Bautzen, Germany, a butcher takes delivery of human meat from a Polish murderer of prostitutes; and in Rome and Krakow, a scientist and a priest plot to use a drug which can manipulate the beliefs of millions of people.

‘The EU will be the dominant government entity from the Urals to the Atlantic, and from Lapland to Malta….let joy be unconfined!’

Everything changes for Inspector Tom Zalucki when he is called to the scene of a suspicious homicide in Krakow airport, where the murder of an Italian priest raises many questions. Zalucki quickly realises that not all is what it seems; and when the Italian’s body is stolen from the City Morgue and then found butchered in the Krakow forests, he knows he’s up against something very nasty indeed…With the help of the beautiful forensic coroner, Dr. Ewa Kwiatowska, Zalucki begins pulling at the threads of this difficult investigation. A connection is made to a series of cannibal murders during the Nazi Occupation of Poland, and Zalucki finds things spiralling out-of-control when Ewa is kidnapped by a copycat killer…

To cap it all, Zalucki conflicts with a powerful Order of the Catholic Church; and, terrifyingly, with a malevolent secret conspiracy of the most senior players in the hierarchy of the European Union. Unbeknownst to Zalucki, these two groups are fighting for ownership of the ultimate drug to control us all…by the manipulation of The Belief Gene .’

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