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Cool First Time Cars That Teens Can Afford

Entering the world of driving is an exciting time, and it usually occurs somewhere between seventeen and twenty. Although, some people take a lot longer to get behind the wheel of a car. Both Johnny Vegas and Jack Whitehall have still not got a driving a license. Still, for most people driving is a part of life that begins during the teenage years. Once you pass your test, it’s time to buy your first car. The problem is that when you’re a teenager, you don’t have a lot of capital. You need to find a car that is affordable and still fun to drive. Here are the best options with some of the coolest cars compared to price, style, and practicality.

Vauxhall Corsa

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First onto the track is the Vauxhall Corsa. The 2016 model is quite stylish with a contemporary design that opts for a minimalist aesthetic. There isn’t much that makes this car stand out, yet it does have a quiet beauty. It has a stunning bodywork with slick slipstream lines cut into the side. The car is also quite compact and rivals a Mini in size. Older versions of the car still have a certain style to them. The design hasn’t changed much over the years, and you’ll be able to drive one without having a red face.

Inside, the design is quite basic, as you would expect from a budget hatchback. The seats are well made but hardly stand out for the style. The dashboard again is very minimalistic regarding exciting car features. Though you can get add-ons if you want to spend a little extra, and you’re buying new. However, for the price, this car isn’t too bad at all.

It doesn’t have the biggest boot in the world, but you should have no issues packing a weekly shop or full set of camping equipment.

The performance is rather great, and it’s quite nippy through the bends. You’ll have a lot of fun with the car on the road, particularly if you opt for the 1.2 litres. Now let’s get down to what’s really important. The cost is manageable particularly if you buy second hand. You can get a Corsa for just under fifteen hundred which is pretty good. Insurance isn’t an issue either an even new drivers should be able to insure the car for nine hundred per year.

Volkswagen Up!


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Cute, stylish and trendy is the name of the game with this pick. The Up might look boxy at first, but it has a unique style that younger drivers will love. It rides low to the ground and offers fantastic handling on the road. The curved body looks great, and we particularly like the large, friendly headlights. In fact, the front of the car looks like a beaming smiley face. It’s a fun machine with a great design, aimed at winning the hearts of younger drivers.

The car is quite small and tiny compared to the Corsa. It doesn’t offer much room at all, but it does have enough space for a little family. It also boasts a two hundred and fifty-litre boot that is quite a bit bigger than most other small cars on the market.

Though the car doesn’t have the most powerful engine in the world, a clever design means it still feels wonderful. It’s the perfect city car, stylish for parking and compact enough to whizz through busy streets.

Thanks to brilliantly chosen color contrasts, the inside of the UP is a lot more stylish than the Corsa. It looks modern and yet captures the feel of the 70’s at the same time. Vibrant color and fun style choices make it a pleasure to driver and cruise in. All in all, you can’t go too far wrong with this choice. You can pick up an Up for just under five grand second hand and quite a bit more if you purchase one new. So, it’s a tad more expensive than the Corsa. Still, it is one of the cheapest cars on the market to currently insure.

Volkswagen Golf

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Ah, now this one is a tad more affordable. The Volkswagen Golf is stunning with a beautiful design that has been a classic choice for first-time buyers for years. It’s a compact car that hugs the road wonderfully and has a design that just can not be beaten. The car is fun to drive to with a wonderful burst of energy that’s apparent every time you rev that engine.

From traders like Spire Automotive, you can pick this car up for less than three grand. That’s an absolute steal for a vehicle with such pure power. It’s fun on the roads too with fantastic handling that makes the little car feel like a true racer.

For practicality, the car still offers more space than some of our other choices. Even sitting in the back, you won’t be getting cramp in your legs after a long trip.

Fiat Grande Punto


Our final choice would be the Punto. Looks wise the Punto has a unique, curved body that does separate it from the rest of the pack. While it doesn’t offer that much space, it’s quite a lot larger than the other cars on this list as well. It’s one of the only first time cars that allows you to throw your weight around a little. However, that hasn’t affected the handling which is nothing short of fantastic. You can drive this car around and have a blast on the corners.

We love the price; you can pick one up second hand for under three grand! That easily makes this one of the cheapest cars out of our selections. Insurance is a tad more expensive than most ranging upwards of fifteen hundred. That said, with a full four doors, this is the perfect vehicle for a young family. It’s reliable, fuel efficient and most important of all easy to drive.

Do any of these vehicles tickle your fancy? Or do you have your sights set on something completely different for your first ride?