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Fatal Mistakes People Make With A New Product

Are you coming up with a new product? Perhaps you’ve got one, but you’re thinking about the launch, or your marketing plan. Wait! So many people make mistakes when doing something like this. If you’re aware of the fatal mistakes people make, you can avoid them. Take a look to find out what they are…

Announcing Your Launch Date Way Too Early

Announcing your launch date too early is something you should always avoid, especially if you’re not all that certain about it yet. It can cause a big hype around your business, sure, but it can also be detrimental. Making promises to your customers means you need to keep them. You definitely don’t want to become known as one of those companies who always has something new ‘coming soon’ but that never seems to be released. To the first announcement you make, you need to sustain the hype. You can’t do this if you’re breaking promises to your potential customers and followers!



Not Listening To Internal Teams

If you keep your products a secret from other internal teams, you could be holding everything back. Your teams may have a number of different ways they can help you to speed up and streamline the launch. For example, your support team can pre-empt questions as they know the users better than anybody. One crucial team to keep up to date is your marketing team. They will be able to help you make your big announcement and build up a hype around your product. Your team may also be able to remind you of important things, or take some of the load off you. This could be contacting a trademark consultants, for instance.

Not Pre-launch Testing

Before you officially launch your product, pre launch testing will help you to tweak anything you need and give you a fresh set of eyes and opinions. These should be people who aren’t as close to the product, so you can get impartial feedback to help you improve. Feedback is everything.


Failing To Come Up With A Good Enough Plan

Creating a clear plan, early on, with your whole team is essential. You need to map everything out before you give anybody the go ahead to build anything.

Failure To Prepare Feedback Processes

In order to get feedback, you need to come up with processes to help you do this effectively. You could create a forum, or even a simple contact form so that people can get in touch with you effectively and tell you what they think. Even if you pre launch test and get a ton of feedback, chances are, there will be bugs and things you need to fix. This is why it’s important to continue collecting feedback after the launch.



Not Learning From Your Mistake

Learning from your launch by really digging into your analytics will help you with any future launches. Make sure you take everything on board and make plans for the future this way!

Good luck and thanks for reading!