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It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry! Protect Your Business Now!

You’ve done so much work into getting your business to where you want it to be, so why would you risk it all for that lack of common sense in regards to health and safety? Yes, it may be hassle, but it’s massively important in these modern times to get it just right and to keep your business on the straight and narrow.

Health and safety is a phrase that will forever be etched on your mind but with regards to yours and your staffs safety, it’s of paramount importance; even more so perhaps than the number of sales that you produce every week. A risk assessment should be set up on the opening of your business and possibly updated every few months, or when more hazardous items start to enter the workplace. The assessment should be a thorough investigation of machinery and any other potential problems that could lead to any accidents. Once the investigation is complete, possible solutions for each risk need to be discussed, monitored and eventually solved. To cover your back and to monitor trends, a recording book should also be brought in; in order to give detailed accounts of any accidents that have occurred.


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Technicians and inspectors should also be brought into the office every few weeks to check on the functionality of the computers or to ensure that there continues to be safe machinery in the office or in the warehouse, if you have one. They should then, like with the recording book, give detailed assessments as to why the machinery hasn’t worked, what the cause of it is and what needs to be changed for future use.

You as a business owner should also seriously consider purchasing some liability insurance in order to stave off legal lobbies by accident prone members of staff. It could also be wise to introduce something into their contract before you hire them; making it easier for you to be absolved of all blame. This will also keep your purse strings tight with regards to hiring a lawyer. With regards to important files in your office, in case of a fire or another hazard that has to make you abandon the workplace, it’s always best to make copies and keep them in a safe place away from your business. Who knows what problems fate could throw up? Always prepare for the unexpected especially when the taxman is in town.

Your business will most definitely have computers. What kind of business doesn’t these days? In order to escape information theft or just to protect the good name of your staff, you must ensure that all computers have secret passwords on them, that only the user knows the details of. Yes, you’re allowed to oversee the whole operation but this computer is designed for one person only and your member of staff will turn out to be very possessive of it. Install anti virus software on each computer before use to ensure that it runs well and isn’t susceptible to outside interference.


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This is your business and you must fight for it. So don’t fall behind the times. Be secure and safety conscious. Protection is everything.