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    Endeavour Magazine August 2017

    Change can be daunting, but it is in taking these risks that we grow – as people, businesses or as countries. As we leave July and enter August, we can’t help but think about change here at Endeavour. Many countries are remembering victories for independence during these months: in America, they have just celebrated July 4th – a date that rings familiar with many of us, whether or not we live in the United States; in France, Bastille Day commemorates a turning point for the French Revolution, and in India, this August will mark the 70th anniversary of the country’s hard-earned independence from British Imperial rule. Listing these countries is to name but a few of the many celebrating their freedom every summer – and of course, we can’t talk about liberation without mentioning Emancipation Day, observed this month throughout the Caribbean in memory of the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act.

    Truly, the summer is a time to celebrate change and triumphs. For this issue, we caught up with Murray Price of Eqstra Fleet, who took the bull by the horns in the face of disaster and embraced change through an eight-year overhaul, creating a game-changing new system of operations for his sector in the process. We also spoke with Rick Hammell at Elements Holdings, who knows well the importance for businesses to react quickly to changing markets and to have the freedom reach for new horizons when opportunities arise.

    In our Amazing World series, we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of independent India by taking a deeper look into the story behind the success in a special extended feature. We also took a look at the life-changing work of Anti-Slavery International, a charity for all of those still denied freedom around the globe.

    Finally, we caught up with Ellie Robinson, the remarkable Team GB Paralympian who brought home Gold and Bronze in swimming at Rio 2016. We chatted with Ellie about the challenges of training, her life since Rio and her goals for Tokyo 2020 – and felt thoroughly lazy in comparison!

    Change can mean the end of an era, and it’s an end of an era here in the Littlegate office. As we enter a new month, we’d like to raise a glass to new horizons by saying a fond farewell to our lead editor, Djamil Benmahidi, who’s served Endeavour with love the past year and is now off to exciting and far sunnier climbs in Vietnam. He will be sorely missed – though the new editor is enjoying his old desk!

    Alice Instone-Brewer