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    Endeavour Magazine October 2017

    We mention it a few times within this issue of Endeavour, but there’s no way to get around it; the world needs some relief. I don’t mean a bit of stress-alleviating, I-sure-needed-that-nap relief, though I think we’d all agree that we could use some of that as well! But I’m talking, of course, about global relief efforts.
    Last month, we mentioned the floods and hurricanes hitting much of the world, and in the weeks since, the numbers of places and people affected have only risen. Governments have been criticised for responding too slowly, but as it is always moving and gratifying to see in moments of crisis, observers around the world have felt driven to get off the benches and get involved, whether through hands-on aid, raising awareness or, the most practical option for most of us, by donating to the groups who are battling to get things moving.

    Throughout South Asia, the West Indies, the Americas and Eastern Europe, people are grappling with not only the loss of their homes, but the loss of power and resources, and are facing the diseases and dangers that flooding can spread. You have almost certainly been bombarded with news stories, and therefore know the conditions and challenges that people in this diverse cross-section of our world are facing: if you don’t, give it a quick Google. The sheer scale is staggering.

    Given these critical situations, it was a pleasure this month to speak with several companies who know all about aid. We caught up with SANBS, the South African National Blood Service, to follow up on their efforts to increase the number of donors in South Africa and their ongoing mission to save lives. We were also excited to speak with Griffon Hoverwork, innovative leaders in emergency-response hover vehicles, about their new line of vessels ready to reach those in crisis over water and difficult terrains. Meanwhile, Abengoa Water are working to develop and expand their water treatment plants, focusing in particular on cleansing sea and waste water ready for drinking and clean, sustainable use.

    On a lighter note, we celebrated the month of October with its two main associations – horror and beer! Venture with us into the spooky Halloween-themed restaurants of Japan, then wash them down with a refreshing free pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

    Once all of that has you fortified, visit our Twitter to see some of the many brilliant organisations you can donate to in support of global hurricane and flood victims. The crisis is far from over, and it is affecting people from all walks of life – every batch of relief sent can save someone.