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    Endeavour Magazine November 2017

    It’s an emulous world out there, and as we all know, the pursuit of success usually involves, by necessity, competition with others. Yet, as companies, sectors and even country economies, we are also working together. Without teamwork, partnership and mutual support, projects could not be developed and completed, and sectors would not thrive. Each month, we bring you stories of competitive success, but every time, those stories are filled with examples of these essential collaborations and support networks. This month, Endeavour have had conversation after conversation with groups emphasising this point; quality bred from cooperation, and not only from competition.

    Amongst the groups we spoke were the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Zambian National Council for Construction and South Africa’s Constructional Engineering Association – all groups dedicated to providing the best information, training and network links to companies in their respective sectors, with the sole aim of industrial and national improvement. We also spoke with OSM Aviation and Tsakos Shipmanagement Columbia, both captain-founded projects who are working to develop higher-grade, immersive training for the aviation and shipping industries, respectively.

    It’s fitting that, whilst we’re on the theme of better the lives of others, that our Personality Focus this month takes a look at Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and his moving efforts for Puerto Rico, which is still lacking power on most of the island over a month since it was hit by Hurricane Maria. We take a look at Lin’s family connections with the island, his hit fundraising song in response to the tragedy, the incredible work of the Hispanic Federation and all those who have been moved to help the island. Of course, it’s hard to speak about Lin-Manuel without looking at his career, which has become much about inspiration and spreading joy as it has about making award-winning music.

    Finally, we spoke with Logbar, a genius start-up company whose ili wearable translator is already allowing people to break through language barriers, helping to build bridges and form connections between tourists and locals in China, Japan and Spanish-speaking countries. Give the technology time, and it could change not only lives, but perhaps the world!

    Don’t throw away Your Shot – you can’t Say No To This issue of Endeavour magazine! We know you’ll be Satisfied. (Alright, no more Hamilton references…)