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    Endeavour Magazine January 2018

    We’ve made it to the end of another year, and what a year it has been! In many ways, 2017 saw 2016’s strain on our emotions and raised it. Political grievances aside (although there have been, for many groups, too many to count), it has still been a trying year; shootings, protests and natural disasters have made loss and anger into familiar feelings.

    However, the year is behind us, and 2018 has begun. For some, it will be a year of new beginnings – a potential new hope for Zimbabwe, a period of rebuilding for all of the hurricane and flood affected regions, and a time of future planning for the EU and UK as a Brexit agreement is finally reached. For many other countries, blockades, conflict and economic worries continue, but as we do every year, let’s walk forwards into this new date with positivity and hope.

    However, let us make it a pro-active hope; one that does not simply send out positive vibes, thoughts and prayers, but one that gets us off our feet for our fellow humans. Let us give what we can spare, though for many that doesn’t feel like much. Let us call out injustice where we see it, and support the many incredible groups working to make change. In our business practises, let us put employee health and well-being, and sustainable practises, over that ever-consuming profit total. As the inspiring stories in Endeavour showed us last year, moral, sustainable, compassionate business practises can and do go hand in hand with success; it is not an either/or choice if we put our minds to it. Let us think not only about 2018, but the years beyond, and the legacies we are creating. What world do we want to leave to future generations, how do we want our slice of history to be remembered, and how are we acting on that today?

    Happy New Year to all those who begin a new calendar this month, and for everyone – let’s have a better one. We’re all in this together.