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    Endeavour Magazine February 2018

    It’s February already – how did this happen? Somehow, a month of 2018 has already passed, and unsurprisingly, it has been a mixed bag. Now that the year has begun in earnest, our optimistic projections have given way to reality, both bad and good. Whilst certain arenas continue their timeless forwards-and-back dance – arenas such a politics, environmental sustainability, or the constant quest for humans to treat each other with simple equality and decency – other fields are more satisfying. Whatever else is happening in the world, when it comes to matters such as technology and business, we know that we are moving ever-forwards. As always, we were thrilled to talk to a range of companies that are not only achieving success for themselves but creating results for others – particularly the many contractor companies and supportive associations we spoke to this month.

    Shrove Tuesday this year falls on February 13th, meaning that the Christian world will begin lent the following day – a period of reflection and restraint. Inconveniently for Western countries, the 14th is also St Valentine’s Day, when we’d all rather like to be eating chocolates – definitely not lent-compatible! Whilst that internal struggle takes place, other cultures will also begin a reflective period on the 14th. In Hindu cultures, for example, the day will mark Maha Shivaratri – the Great Night of Shiva: a major festival for meditating on enlightenment, duty, and overcoming darkness and ignorance. This sleepless night of devotion promotes a message that we could all get behind as we continue to venture into this brave new year – especially as hatred and ignorance seem to sound from every tweet and headline, in the East and the West!

    However, even as we measure our choices, let’s keep moving those feet forwards. The wheel of progress keeping turning, and whilst we can’t always affect the world at large, we can develop the companies we work in. If you want to create change, create success – and as we’re reminded at Endeavour month after month, there’s plenty of amazing success stories out there!

    Alice Instone-Brewer