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    Endeavour Magazine March 2018

    March: for those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring has finally begun! (Although, at the time of writing this, I am looking at falling snow and wondering how to get home…) Spring is supposedly a time of rebirth, celebration, and the sudden re-appearance of wildlife. With that in mind, our Amazing World series couldn’t help but turn its attention to a couple of curious creatures – the tree-climbing goats of Morocco, who’ll do anything for their fix of their favourite fruit, and the near-microscopic tardigrade, an alien-looking and almost indestructible creature that has gone practically unnoticed for half a billennia!

    Of course, as we get ready for some fun in the sun (if it ever shows up at our UK office), we couldn’t stay away from thoughts of Holi, which is kicking this month off to a vibrant start in India and other observing Hindu communities. Capturing global attention for its multicoloured, free-spirited antics, Holi is a playful holiday celebrating forgiveness, repaired bonds and good overcoming evil. Meanwhile, from fun and games in the name of religion to fun and games in the name of science, we took a look at exactly why Elon Musk’s Space X programme recently launched a Tesla Roadster into the void! The launch sparked a surprising amount of controversy and debate, and we couldn’t resist throwing in our two cents.

    When it comes to our feature companies this month, it’s hard to just pick out a few to name from this impressive bunch, but SA Security Group of Companies deserve a special shout-out for their 50-year anniversary. As for the rest, wrap up warm or grab a cool drink, depending how the weather is treating you, and join us for another series of inspirational
    success stories.

    Alice Instone-Brewer