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    Endeavour Magazine May 2018

    It’s the merry month of May, and we’ve got some mouth-watering features lined up this month! In particular, we have a double-attack from the mushrooming Asian confectionary industry; we have been back in touch with Iain Davidson from Baker Pacific, the mastermind industry experts behind Asian’s biscuit ovens, and we also got to know Pek Lin, the effervescent co-founder of Udders, a creative and tongue-in-cheek ice cream brand from Singapore. Both spoke with us about the growing demand for indulgent food products in Asia as the lucrative middle class grows – clearly, this is an industry and area of the world to watch, and one that should produce tasty results!

    In our Amazing World series, we took a look at one of the promising rays of hope in sustainable technology, and also looked at a remote group who are living without it altogether. Which new technology? There are so many, but we’re talking about Sweden’s electric roads, which have now moved out of testing for bespoke industrial vehicles and have begun trials in charging electric cars belonging to the public. This technology could greatly improve the practicality of owning electric cars and may be an important step in moving away from fossil fuels. Meanwhile, we investigate the remote Sentinelese tribe, who have managed to stay pretty much untouched by the modern world, and fiercely protect their traditional way of life.

    In our other features, we speak with Ethiopean Airlines about the ongoing fight for indigenous African airlines to have a stronger claim to their own skies, whilst over in mining, we look at the vast potential still lurking beneath Palabora’s already-leading copper pit. Unable to stay away from India for long, we also return to Gujarat to look at the Deendayal Port Trust, the body overseeing an essential point for shipping and trade on the country’s western coast. Of course, these are just highlights – for the full experience, please enjoy our May issue!