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    Endeavour Magazine June 2018

    June has been a month of energy and construction. First of all, we reconnected with our friend Tarek Malhas at Petroserv, who was excited to inform us about the company’s upgrades to its Oil & Gas Business Unit. Meanwhile, we were extremely pleased to speak with the ENMAN Group’s Chairman, Donald Baldeosingh, who told us about his long-term plan to clean up the Caribbean’s energy use. Not only is this plan a large long-term project, but it’s already been 17 years in the hatching! The proposition is an ambitious venture involving geothermal power and a vast, Caribbean-wide cable network; if successful, it could mastermind a clean, green future for the region, and provide a strategic industrial diversification for ENMAN’s home of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Some of our more unusual companies this month have included Firmenich, who are expects in the delicate art of creating scents and flavours. These sensory potion masters must balance the twin demands of impact and health, creating competitive and memorable scents and sensations whilst always protecting the diets of their client’s consumers. On quite literally the opposite end of the spectrum, we spoke with Fine Hygienic Holdings, a hygiene tissue company. Celebrating their 60th anniversary and the appointment of their new CEO, James Lafferty, FHH are passionate about innovating a product that we all take for granted, and we were impressed to see that they rising to that challenge!

    Meanwhile, our car reviewers took two fantastic offerings from Ford for a spin, including a Mustang that got our whole office excited. Finally, in our Amazing World series, we looked into yet another global mystery, this one not too far from our own doors, hidden away on the English coast…

    Alice Instone-Brewer