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    Endeavour Magazine July 2018

    July has been a celebration of international connectivity at Endeavour. As the countries in our hemisphere well and truly start to embrace summer, we’ve been speaking with a variety of companies that are all about the good things in life: we spoke with Creative Eateries, a multi-branded restaurant and catering group who are filling Singapore with a whole host of dining experiences, from Western food to Chinese and Thai, and at a range of tiers. Their international flavours and constant passion for food bring joy to Singapore dining whilst maintaining that competitive edge, much like Singapore’s ingredient-providing Indiguna. In South Africa, we spoke to The Munching Mongoose – a delivery service for fresh and exciting produce who are taking that same love of variety and good food and bringing it to people’s doors. Whilst Creative Eateries draws the world’s food together under their restaurant roofs, The Munching Mongoose draws families together for memories of home cooking and inspired meals.

    Meanwhile, on a more industrial note of connectivity, we spoke with the GCCIA – the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority. GCCIA work to oversee electrical power and telecommunications between the six GCC nations. Even as trials began in late June to address the GCC’s blockade of Qatar, a year after it came into effect, we spoke with a company who are working to keep the nations interlinked.

    On a fascinating note, we spoke with medical software company Cerner about their innovative vision for the how data connectivity could change the face of healthcare, whilst on a lighter one, Landing Jeju spoke summer fun with us as we found out about their stunning holiday resort on the beautiful volcanic South Korean Jeju Island.

    Speaking of summer, we cranked up the heat with our Amazing World series, looking at two of the world’s strangest fire phenomena – startling ‘fire tornadoes’, a global weather event, and the ever burning ‘Door to Hell’ in Turkmenistan. To keep things metal, we also looked at the Czech Republic’s infamous ‘Skull Church’!

    To end on a serious note, in our focus story, we wanted to acknowledge the horrific recent events in the USA that have drawn attention to its border control’s unhumanitarian treatment of immigrant families. With children torn from their parents and kept in crowded cages, where the older children were left to care for the younger, America and the world alike have been stunned by the cruelty that was revealed. We looked at this and the controversial solutions that have now been put in place, by speaking with a group who are working to help: RAICES – The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, who offer low cost legal aid to immigrant children, families and refugees. We hope you take the time to read this and support their efforts, and we also hope you have an enjoyable July 2018.