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    Endeavour Magazine August 2018

    It has been a full year since taking over as Head Editor here at Endeavour Magazine, and what a year it turned out to be. We speak with so many inspirational companies and figures every month that it has been a constantly educational and eye-opening experience: I hope it had been as interesting for you as it has for me! Whilst we speak with many companies, we remember them all, and I am happy to see some of our returning favourites featured again in this August issue.

    Continuing our journey of discovery, in this month’s business features, we had a fascinating conversation with APL Logistics about the future of logistics and the massive impact that online shopping has had on the shipping industry. We theorized about how the industry might look in five to ten years, as well as investigated the ways in which APLL is responding to its evolving customer needs in the present day. We also spoke to SirajPower, who are helping businesses in the UEA to adopt greener ways to operate, and SGS Ghana, who not only help companies throughout West Africa to go green and work efficiently, but also offer testing and accuracy-checking across the board of industrial sector needs. These two companies are working to raise the bar of excellence for others, and to give companies the data and guidance they require to make the best business choices.

    In our Amazing World series, we looked at two spectacular achievements of nature: spectacularly clever, and spectacularly threatening! One of our writers delved into the unsettling world of possession via fungal parasites (in insects, not humans – fear not!), and another explored a phenomena that is just as strange and destructive, yet far less documented…at least by Western academia. If you thought that humans were the only animals to harness the use of fire as a tool, then think again.

    Last but not least, we had the pleasure of working with Tesla not just once, but twice this month. Our reviewers had far too much fun test driving the Tesla Model S, whilst making the rest of the office extremely jealous, and we also spoke to the Electric Vehicle company about their latest rollout of Supercharger points across Europe. This rollout is making the reality of clean driving that bit more effortless and viable with every new station: as the deployment of these Supercharge points continues to grow, the reasons not to drive electric are shrinking.

    We hope you enjoy all of this content and much more in our August issue, and I hope to see you all coming back to us for another year!