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    Endeavour Magazine August 2019


    As many of you are bound to have seen, industry and business are strange and uncertain topics right now in the UK, where we are based here at Endeavour. The country’s future seems unclear indeed, with a new Prime Minister taking leadership following Theresa May’s resignation. It now seems as though the new PM, Boris Johnson, intendeds reach a Brexit decision by October 31st this year. Whether or not this will come to pass is unclear, but the pound sterling has suffered a dramatic drop as ‘No-Deal’ Brexit fears have risen. Where will the UK stand in terms of travel, immigration and trade? Countless residents, businesses and foreign investors are still in suspense as they wait for an affirmative answer, and meanwhile. large companies continue to make solid or hypothetical plans to withdraw from the island.

    In happier news, we’ve had the pleasure this month of speaking with many government bodies who are dedicated to the betterment of not only their industry of focus, but their country and economy as a whole. These included the Land Transport Authority, an essential body in Singapore that looks after the public transport and access routes that keep the bustling metropolis moving so smoothly; the Tanzanian Ports Authority, which governs ports essential not only for Tanzania but its many land-locked neighours, and the Aqaba Development Corporation, which is juggling the complex task of utilizing Jordan’s petit coastline for everything a country could wish of their coast, from tourism to transport and heavy industry.

    We also spoke with some companies who are working on unbelievable breakthroughs for their industry; in particular, Fakeeh Care, a shining example of success and innovation that has achieved multiple feats for the medical industry in Saudi Arabia, and who may now be close to launching an app that could – no exaggeration – change the way we experience medical care. Also in the medical field, in our Amazing World series, we spoke about Ed Pennington-Ridge, a British inventor who has created a new design for prosthetic legs that can be easily and affordably made in third world workshops. For these stories and many others, take a look inside this month’s magazine!