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    Endeavour Magazine September 2019

    Another month has passed, and boy, it’s been a wild one for our UK-based office. Voters for Remain, and even some for Leave, in the Brexit referendum are now questioning the Prime Minister’s request to close parliament in the run-up to the October Brexit deadline. Is it democratic, it’s being asked, for a figure-head that only one party voted for to close parliament, so MPs elected by the population to represent their interests in a Brexit debate cannot actually do so, in a push towards a Brexit that seems vastly different to what the country voted for in the first place? Critics are calling the Prime Minister’s move an act of ‘dictatorship’. It would all be a fascinating twist if this were a Netflix series, but unfortunately, it
    is not.

    It is important to remember, though, whilst watching these events unfold, that similar and, indeed, far worse disputes are occurring throughout the world. Whilst the British population debate democracy, the people of Hong Kong continue to fight for it in protests that are seeing violence used against the crowds and many activists arrested. Around the world, conflicts ensue, countries recover from or prepare for the rising number of natural disasters, and yet, there is also so much to celebrate. Sometimes, the news can make it feel as though situations are growing dire in every corner of life, and yet there is so much innovation, cooperation and progress being made, and so much of that comes from the private sector.

    Mining companies have been highlighted as frontrunners in CRS projects by Endeavour Magazine, and we learnt of many such support and outreach programmes from Perseus Mining when we spoke with them this month. Unexpected, though, were the insights into the insurance industry that we gained from GC&C Asia, who told us about the proactive approaches the sector has begun to take to loss prevention. Risk assessment and risk management are becoming an increasing focus for GC&C and many of their competitors, helping their clients to limit the impact of events such as natural disasters. Doing this helps both insurers and their clients, protecting insurers from otherwise rising claims, whilst offering more as a company and creating a safer world. Evolutions like this within our private sectors remind us that whatever challenges arise, people have the ingenuity and passion to counter them.

    Read about these fascinating changes and much more in this month’s issues of Endeavour Magazine!