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    Endeavour Magazine October 2019

    We really dove into the work that’s happening at the Obuasi Mine in Ghana this month, speaking not only with the company that owns it (AngloGold Ashanti), but also one of the companies doing work on the current restoration efforts (Bauer Engineering Ghana). The mine dates back to the late 1800s, and has been closed since 2016 for care and maintenance that is costly but shrewd, taking a mine that had become unviable to operate in terms of cost and turning it into, well, a gold mine. With a world-class ore body, letting Obuasi fail and fall by the wayside would have been a short-sighted move. By instead holding production and investing millions into a re-working of its structures and systems, AngloGold Ashanti is turning a weak point in its portfolio into the gem is should be, and local companies such as Bauer Engineering Ghana are getting stuck in to the ambitious overhaul.

    On the topic of mining, we also touched base with Teranga Gold, who we have had the pleasure of speaking with several times in the past. We love catching up with Richard Young, Teranga Gold’s President and CEO, as the company continues to impress us both with its pipeline, its focus on its goals, and its careful CSR efforts with the communities it operates within. We heard the latest from Richard about how Teranga’s pipeline is evolving; it seems the company’s choices are continuing to pay off, as it goes from strength to strength, always one step closer to the goal of mid-tier gold producer than it was the last time we spoke.

    A new company that stood out this month was Motion Composites. Getting to know this company was a real pleasure, and we’re excited by the amount of innovation they’re bringing to a field that doesn’t often get shaken up. Motion Composites works in the creation of custom wheelchairs, and if you’re thinking ‘What could be so exciting about that?’, then get yourself over to that article and find out for yourselves! We really were impressed, and other wheelchair manufacturers should take note (if they haven’t already).

    Remember, it’s October this month, so don’t talk to ghosts, hunt vampires responsibly, and enjoy this issue of Endeavour!