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5 Things To Look Forward To After Lockdown

Image by Dan/Kelli Oakley from Pixabay 

When the lockdown and restrictions from the Coronavirus pandemic ease, there will likely be two camps. There will be the people who can’t wait to get out and back to their “normal” lives, and there will be those who are too scared to go out. There will also be the people who have changed their perspective and priorities in life and don’t care about the things they used to, and then there will be people who figure that life is too short, and they plan on living it to the full. 

Whichever camp you’re in, there is no right or wrong, and if you decide to look into Awesome Car Loans to get the car of your dreams or you decide to sell yours as you want to walk everywhere from now on, then it will be right for you and that is the most important thing. 

There are many things to look forward to once lockdown has ended, and while many of these things we won’t be able to do straight away. For most of us, life won’t return to normal, not straight away anyway as there will be a phased approach – restrictions will ease off gradually, places will open in stages, but they will open, so at least that’s something to look forward to. But it will be a new ‘normal’ with a new appreciation for things. But some things will stay the same, and these are the things that we can hold on to and think about to get us through the tough days:

Hugging Friends and Family

This is one of the things that many people are missing most – human contact, especially if they live alone. Even if you do live with your partner or family, there are still people you probably can’t wait to see and give a big hug to. It could be your parents, grandparents, nieces, or nephews or grandchildren. But don’t worry, the day will come, and you won’t need to be in a rush to let go. Just hold on tight and appreciate those hugs all the more when you get them.

 Meeting New People

Many people were happily swiping left and right before lockdown, thinking that the people that they were liking and chatting to would be available to meet any time. However, things changed pretty much overnight, so when this ends, some people will be keen to get back on the dating scene and to meet as many new people as they can just because they can. In contrast, others may have changed their perception and might have decided they are ready for something more serious and will waste no time trying to meet the right person. 

Planning Your Future

Right now, it isn’t easy to plan beyond the next twenty-four hours, and even when you do, there’s nothing much to plan apart from a quiz on zoom or a walk in the park. You might have holiday ideas, but right now, there’s no point in even thinking about it as you don’t know when you’ll be able to book. You could get engaged during the lockdown, but who knows when you’ll be able to get married or buy a new house. Things are tough right now, but people won’t take planning their future for granted anymore, that’s for sure. 

 The Return Of Sport

Sport is a massive part of many people’s lives; some football fans live and breathe their team. They go to the games every week and feel every loss and every win. There is a huge hole in many people’s lives right now in the shape of sport and when it can finally return there will be huge celebrations. 

 Going Back To Work

You might have thought you’d never say it, but so many people are now missing work. While it can be annoying having to get up every day and go to the same old office, it also gives you a structure to your day, a purpose, and some great workmates. Even if it’s just your friend you sit next to that you miss, work is a massive part of your life and again is something that people won’t take for granted again. 

 When things look like they might be getting back to normal in some way, it is essential not to rush into things. While it’s going to be amazing to sit in a restaurant again or drink in the pub, you need to remember things like to keep washing your hands. Make sure you don’t book a holiday straight away and don’t visit high-risk people straight away. Give it time so you can be sure that there won’t be a second wave of the virus.