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The Easiest Ways to Improve Your Site’s Google Ranking


Google has become the most widely used search engine in the entire world. We use Google for virtually everything, from finding out insignificant things to things that are terribly important to us. Google dominates the internet’s highways and byways, and without it, we would certainly be at a loss. And because of Google’s significance and how widely it is used, business owners all vie for search result dominance. The search results, or rankings, which will be mentioned throughout this article, are what you see when you type in a question into Google.

These search rankings are terribly important to business owners, the reason being that if you can rank your website high in the listings, you will be the first thing a prospective customer sees, and therefore, will take their business. Well, in this article, we will hope to explain to you what the easiest ways to improve your websites Google rankings are so that you too can achieve search engine domination, and so you can draw business and traffic into your website. Improving your website’s search ranking is vital to its success, for if your website winds up on the second or third page, it will never be found by anybody.

Here are the easiest ways for you to improve your websites Google ranking.


SEO [search engine optimization] is by far the most popular and effective method of having your website rank high on Google’s search listings. SEO is a method of manipulating Google’s algorithm in order to rank higher than other people in the same field of business as you are; according to SEO Buddy, the authors of The SEO Checklist, SEO is more relevant now than it ever has been. Because of its relevance, it is vitally important that you begin your SEO as quickly as possible, for there are many others in your position who will soon catch on. The quicker you make use of SEO, the better.

Improve Your Users Experience

Part of having your website rank high in the search listings is optimizing your website for a smooth and easy experience. Having your website rank high relies on many factors, but the top four of those are the time users spend on your website, the bounce rate, the number of pages per session, and of course, visits. All of these things weigh heavily on the end-user experience. If your website does not offer a very good experience, you will not be able to achieve any of these factors. Streamline your website and include interactive features.


Backlinks are when other websites link directly to your own. This is one of the most effective methods of ranking high on Google. Links originating from content posted on high-authority domains increase your website’s authority and increase the traffic that goes through your website, thereby increasing your search ranking.


Position zero refers to the search ranking when a person types a question into Google and Google responds by showing content from a webpage. Having your content featured at position zero increases web traffic massively and can improve your ranking. In order to do this, it is recommended that you post content that has answers to questions that people are likely to ask Google. Provide clear, concise, and to the point answers. Do not provide long, drawn-out answers, for this is unlikely to feature at position zero.


Part of SEO, and part of improving the web-users experience, is content. If your website does not have interesting and engaging content, then you will find it very difficult having your website rank high on the search listings. It is very important that you include engaging content on your website so that people will visit your website and stay on there, achieving one of the previously mentioned four factors. Additionally, content and keywords are a very large part of the SEO process.

Page Speed

Page speed is a very important factor in ranking high on Google. In fact, Google has made it one of the parameters for ranking high. It is important that for both your customers and your rankings that you increase your page speed by optimizing your website.

Image Optimization

Optimizing your images is a fundamental part of boosting the speed of your page, which is why we have given it its own category beneath page speed. In order for Google to identify the images on your web page, and rank you higher, you must increase your images speed, which can only be done through image optimization.


If you include links on your website, then it is important you fix them and do not allow for any dead links to remain on your website. Dead links can affect your search rankings massively, so never allow for any on your website. There are multiple tools available which can help you to check whether or not your links are active or dead.

Voice Search

Voice search is a massive part of how people use Google nowadays. Voice search is no longer ‘growing’, but rather, is fully grown. Up to sixty per cent of people surveyed say that they use voice search regularly. Optimizing for voice search phrases on your web page is very important. To do this, you should use full sentences that are written in an organic and conversational format, rather than formal.

H1 and H2

Headers make your content more readable, more formal, better looking and make your website rank higher in the search listings. Research has proven that there is a link between Google rank and the use of headers in the content of a website.

Local Search

Optimizing your webpage for local search should be one of the first things that you do when you are developing your SEO and website ranking strategy. Many people search for businesses near them nowadays, on smartphones and other devices. Because of this, it is important that you have local search optimization, so you can be found and used by local people.

voiceWith the help of this page, you now know how you can improve your websites search rankings in Google. Improving your web pages ranking can be difficult, but with this page, it just got a whole lot easier.